August 17-20, 24-27

The sleepy factory office of Chunkibix Ltd. is run by domineering and pompous Mr. Price-Hargreaves whose assistant, the shy and downtrodden Mr. Bloome, is under his thumb and generally treated badly. That is until a flasher chases a young female across the Common, and Bloome is accused by the victim and a police detective! Surprisingly the female workers in the office, to whom Bloome had previously been all but invisible, suddenly find him sexually interesting and almost a hero figure. So satisfying is Bloome’s transformation and newly-found confidence that when the young victim discovers she had made a mistake in identifying him as her assailant, Bloome becomes increasingly desperate to keep her quiet.


  • Director – Joe DePauw
  • Stage Manager – Suzanne DeReu
  • Technical Director – Jennifer Kingry
  • Set Builder – Mike Skiles
  • Set Design/Dress – Mollie Schmelzer
  • Costumer – Suzanne DeReu


  • Fiona Jones – Renee Fortino
  • Harold Hopkins – Will Luebke
  • Miss Spencer – Jessica Moore
  • Mr. Price-Hargraves – Jim Luebke
  • Mr. Bloome – Jason Schaad
  • Lady Chesapeake – Jackie Patterson
  • Doris Povey – Riley Mathews